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GUATEMALA - Norm and Vickie Sutton

Even though we have been to Guatemala many times in the past, each time we come here our experience is different and we learn something new.  These last few weeks have been no exception.  We went to church tonight and right when the pastor was getting ready to preach it started POURING!  It was raining so hard on the metal roof that nobody could hear him.  So he called a rain delay and told everyone to go ahead and buy the concessions that are usually sold after church.  Our first church rain delay.  Well, the rain didn't let up, so after some time the rain delay became a rain-out and the Pastor told everyone to go home.  I guess this was the first time this has happened!  We had fortunately driven the pickup to church so once it finally let up a little all the kids piled in the back and we drove home. It has rained from 2-3 inches each night the last three nights!  This is good news as we enter a new growing season after a drought during last year's growing season.  (Plus a bonus, the June bugs stay away when it rains!)

One morning the first week we were here, Vickie was sitting at the table in our outdoor kitchen, when she heard a noise and looked up.  There were 2 very large cows walking through on their way to pasture.  They walk by our kitchen, through the walkway leading to the kids side, across the playground, through the basketball court, and through the gate leading to the street where they walk to their pasture.  This is an everyday occurrence here and even though farm boy Norman thinks nothing of it, after 3 weeks it still startles Vickie and cracks her up to see these huge cows sauntering through our living space.  The little 2 and 3 year olds get excited every morning when they see them and quickly get out of the way! 

Now for an interesting tidbit of information.  Did you know that there is a different Spanish word for every stage of growth of corn.  The corn stalk or plant itself is called Milpa and the ear of corn has like 3 or 4 different names for each stage as it grows.  Maiz, the Spanish word we thought meant corn really only refers to corn kernels.  I guess that makes sense for a culture who's life revolves around corn. 

We had a nice conversation with Sebastian and Oralia last Saturday.  It was a good conversation even though we figured out that it will take awhile before we fall into a routine.  This laid back, non-performance culture takes a little getting used to!  The good thing is that we have had the opportunity to spend quality time with the kids which has been really awesome! 

Thank you so much for your prayers and hope this finds you all doing well!

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