Most programs operated by Children of Promise are directed by Christian workers who are indigenous to their country.  However, we are honored to have several pioneering missionaries who have gone on our mission field to establish mission projects, homes, and/or evangelism outreaches.  They have given up all to bring hope and help to those they are serving and those God sends to them.



Roger Lai is serving on the mission field in Asia as an evangelist/pastor. Please click here to learn more about Roger and his work.


Tim Lai is serving on the mission field in Asia as an evangelist/pastor with his father, Roger Lai.  Tim's ministry is centered around developing youth programs to lead the lost to Christ.


Helen Smith is serving in Costa Rica assisting Tim and Dena Stromstad at the Hogar de Vida orphanage as their Director of Operations.  Helen has previous missionary experience in Costa Rica, Cuba and Guatemala.


Tim and Dena Stromstad  serve in Costa Rica and Guatemala.  They were instrumental in establishing Homes of Life and Nutrition in Guatemala and Homes of Life for Children in Costa Rica.  Please click here to learn more about the Stromstad's work in Central America.


Tyler and Connie Youngkin began mission work to prostitutes and their children in Tijuana, Mexico.  As time progressed, they have taken in and provide 24/7 care for destitute children in the Red Light district.  Their home is called Niños de la Promesa.  Click here to learn more about the home.

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