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History:  A church group in Philadelphia Moldova first started the Bread of Life program to  feed and encourage street children. This program provided the children with a free lunch and an hour of Bible lessons. They began going to where the children lived in order to provide better help. When they witnessed the conditions where the children lived, they knew that they had a bigger job. That was the beginning of Bethany Christian Center, a family type children's home where the children have "parents" and "brothers and sisters" in the home.


Children of Promise, partnering with World Orphans and Horizon Foundation, provided the funds to purchase ten summer houses on 15 acres that were previously a Communist children's camp. These homes had no kitchens, bathrooms, running water, sewer or heat. One by one, the houses have been remodeled for children's home. The first house opened in September of 1999. On the grounds are farm projects, a bakery, woodworking shop, and shoe factory that help support the home, provide much needed jobs for the community, and job training for the older children.


Program:  Each of the ten homes accommodate families of abandoned children with "parent" couples who have dedicated themselves to care for the children in a family-like manner. They raise their 'foster family' until the children are grown.

The children come to the home recommended by local authorities or are selected from the Bread of Life program when they become stable and demonstrate their acceptance of help offered to them.  As a team, the house parents pray about which home could best meet the needs of a new child. The children discover what true family life is and learn about the love of Jesus.  The children stay at the home until they are 18-20 years old when the house parents help them to find an apartment, job, and to integrate into society. The children go to Christian school  and are involved in Sunday school programs. As families, they like to play games, go on walks and picnics, visit those who have left the home and camp.


Greatest Needs for the Home:


To build a Christian school for the children of the ten homes on the same grounds as the homes.


That all the children, especially the teenagers, will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and learn to follow Him.

Blessings to Home:

  • Two big school buses

  • Fuel for cold winter in 2006

  • Summer camp for children

  • Donations of sausage all year long

  • Finishing all ten homes

Information about Moldova:
(Quoted from "Operation World" 21st Century edition and CIA Facts Book)

Moldova is a small country—the size of Maryland—landlocked between Ukraine and Romania.

80% live in poverty.

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe.

60% of all men have serious alcohol problems.

The official language is Moldova Romanian.

There are thousands of children living in the streets of Moldova.

There is a severe problem of females in Moldova being kidnapped for prostitution in other countries.

There is wide spread crime and underground activity.

Heavy use of agricultural chemicals, including banned pesticides such as DDT, has contaminated soil and ground water; extensive soil erosion has been caused by poor farming methods.

Prayer Focus:

Pray for the children in the homes, the house parents,

and staff.


Pray that these precious children may come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, be freed from the effects of their pasts, and grow in their faith.


Pray for the children participating in the Bread of Life ministry to street children who still need a home.





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